Who shall I say is calling?

In chains and tattered dreams

Who by his own hand can stop falling

When in hope lies better things
By what power or fortitude

Shall this love hold any sway

No distance of longitude or latitude

Will stop the slow decay
The barbs and endless words

Dragging through my withered skin

What could I tell you my friend

In truth, I have everything, and nothing


What am I to the void

But a meaningless triviality

What am I but dust and ash

Standing on the edge of eternity
What am I but an insignificant speck

With dreams and hopes of nothing

What am I but a bag of skin filled with bones

Made to live to experience this suffering


Part II
Love is but a box of matches

With which we set the world aflame

We only put all the fires out 

Just to burn it all down again
We stand blinking in the smoke

Choking in the ash of all we have burned

We have seen this all before

But we simply never learned


Can you help me?

I know I’m in danger

I finally have nothing left to lose

I’m worried about my soul man

I’m burning with this anger

I can’t stand in these shoes
Hey man can you save me?

I’m walking round in circles

Like I’m hanging from a tree

I’m worried about eternity

And spending my life in isolation

How can this be free?


I am the twisted shades of hell

Every human profanity in flesh

I am the wanton desires of man

That can no longer feel its breath
I am lost in self loathing

Seeing all these hands have wrought

Forsaken in hopeless anguish

Buried by these abysmal thoughts
The isolation of a crowded room

Heartless malice devoid of dreams

A feast for a murder of crows

Silence measured in endless screams

Where is my life?

I’m sick of driving the N1

Smoking two packs a day

Waking up at five

I don’t even know what to pray 

Where’s my life I started to build?

All the pieces and dreams unfulfilled 

Where’s the hope i once had 

Have they too all been killed?

I’m sick of all the faces

The street lights and cars

People looking for 15 minutes of fame

Who cares who we are

Yet here I am

Adding my two cents to the mill

I’m sorry, I can only do so much

And this life has lost it’s thrill

You ran down the street
And I felt I was crawling
You saved yourself
And still I was falling

I reached the bottom
Still can’t find my way out
I’m sitting here in the dirt
Wondering what it’s all about

The greatest thing to consider
Or the greatest of my possible fears
Is that this is as good as it gets
And these are just wasted years

That I sit here pining
Wishing something more could be
But the sad reality is
There is nothing more for me

That the things I want
Are simply meant for everyone else
But what could I give the world
When I have nothing to give myself?

I’m maybe just one of those
That never find their way home
And in the same way I was born
I’ll simply die alone

Split in two

I don’t know where I’m going
I’m not sure just where I been
You can say that you love me
But I dont know what that means

I been feeling this way now
For far too damn long
I used to think I’d end up somewhere
But I found myself on the right side of wrong

I can’t make it alone you know
Hey, wait, don’t just walk away
It’s OK we all need to go
But not until I said what I got to say

I just won’t get ever you
My world’s been split in two
There’s nothing left now
And there’s nothing left to do


I put it all together
But the pieces dont fit
I scrape the bottom
But I can’t get to it
Finger nails pulling loose
Digging, staring through the tears
Not blinking, whimpering
Please anything but the fears
I lay still, I stop
Fuck, what have I got
An empire of shit
I stay still
I won’t move
I can’t bear it
I’m so frantic
Breathing in shallow breaths, gasps
It’s catastrophic
I hear the bullshit
The TV still drones
I can see their wretched faces
Hiding in their homes
I can understand
But I don’t want to see
I’m slipping away
It’s destroying me
I’m nothing like you
I don’t get the purpose
Of living, fucking, dying
It just doesn’t make any sense
Over and over and over
Wash, rinse, repeat
Too broken to fix
Wake up, eat, sleep
The endless turning
Of the gears on this machine
I don’t see the reasons
And your life is obsolete
Politicians talk in circles
Salesmen push and sell
And all I’m seeing
Is another circle of hell