I’m tired of death

Like 16:30 in a crack house

Yellow, fading light of dusk coming

Cigarette burnt lace curtains
I’m tired of life

Lungs filled with ash and dust

Reflected life in broken windows

Diseased, unable to move 
I’m tired of staring at the ceiling

Waiting for the same damaged dawn

Pieces of dreams litter the floor

Staining the carpets with memory
I’m drowning, I don’t care

I’m at the inevitable collapse

Diluted, a dirty blocked drain

I woke here in the dirt

here in the dirt I remain

Better days

I wasn’t born a failure
You’re lack of compassion won’t make me one
I will live, breathe, I’m broken but I’ll mend
Im not alone, even if everyone is gone

I hate this empty feeling
And I won’t sleep with regret
Better days are coming
Because I will forget

I surrender to the silence
I close my eyes and I’ll say goodnight
I’ll dream some day again
But not of what won’t be realized

I was sinking
And I might again
Who knows what tomorrow holds
But this heart will remain