You think you know me?

Drifting through the blur

Where we stopped dancing

And I can’t forget her 

You would think there are answers

I could literally “fuck” it away

I can wake up and see another face

What then would I say?

There are many women

So many profess to feel

But I’d rather be alone

Than settle for anything less than real 

Love knows no half measures

If it does, love it cannot be

I don’t care how beautiful you are

If I don’t love you, you are not for me

Split in two

I don’t know where I’m going
I’m not sure just where I been
You can say that you love me
But I dont know what that means

I been feeling this way now
For far too damn long
I used to think I’d end up somewhere
But I found myself on the right side of wrong

I can’t make it alone you know
Hey, wait, don’t just walk away
It’s OK we all need to go
But not until I said what I got to say

I just won’t get ever you
My world’s been split in two
There’s nothing left now
And there’s nothing left to do


I burned every picture of yours
but it just wasnt enough
I took the reminders from the walls
but I still feel the lack of your love

all the candles went out
and the shore moved further away
I need to let it go I know
but I needed you to stay

I’m just a ghost of who I used to be
dancing in the ashes of our home
I can’t even say your name out loud
it just reminds me I’m alone


I just wanted you to notice
Didn’t need anyone else
I only wanted your approval
Now no one can help

I need to admit
I’ll always love you
As wicked as you were
But I’ll try get by without you

I didn’t want the world
Didn’t need no popularity
I didn’t need money or anything
I just needed you to love me

I have it all now, far more than I need
But my world feels so dead
It seems so wretched and barren
Nothing but you ever made any sense


She came in with the snow
In jeans and a pair of grey boots
At a place called cobblestones
She left in a floral blouse
In summer wearing sandals
When she walked out of my house

Do you ever think of me
When the day has come to an end
When you lay there with him
In your big fancy bed
Does my ghost haunt you
Like your specter does to me
Do my words still echo
Am I even a memory