I’ll light that single candle

And I’ll remember I’m alone

I’ll sit in the flickering light

I have no answers, I don’t know
Just what difference does it make?

How much does it matter that I care?

I don’t need empty promises

I can already taste my despair
I am almost half blind

But I’ve made up my mind 

How many faces could I stare at

But you’re all I wanted to find 


I can feel their eyes are watching

I can hear myself getting lost

I can feel the emptiness creeping up 

I can pretend to afford the cost

I can see the end of the road

The paths I never wanted to tread 

I can look away for what it’s worth

But I’d just lost myself again

Leaving notes maybe you could find

Scribbled in a rushed lonely blur

Perhaps there you could see behind

I’m here, but really I’m not sure 


In this mire I find myself

Bound and gagged 

In this fire I still burn

A man still to be hanged
I am blood and flesh

A torrent of thoughts

A flood of disease and longing

Never a one, more often the naughts 
Find me, behind the book

Beneath the broken stairs

Find the man that once was

And see if he still cares

3 days

You could forget me in three days

And yet I could not do the same 

I’d stand like a train in an empty station

Waiting to see you arrive

Though I know you would not 

I’d lie in the empty dark

Like a root unseeing and cold

Waiting in the great below

I’d wither in the winter if my discontent

Malnourished and deformed

The lavender dawn of your voice

Leaving me in the twilight of my dreams


Who shall I say is calling?

In chains and tattered dreams

Who by his own hand can stop falling

When in hope lies better things
By what power or fortitude

Shall this love hold any sway

No distance of longitude or latitude

Will stop the slow decay
The barbs and endless words

Dragging through my withered skin

What could I tell you my friend

In truth, I have everything, and nothing


I’d want you to be the blue in my sky

But round here it only ever rains

The days come and the nights go

And still the emptiness remains
It’s some time passed two in the morning 

I’m wandering the same passage again

The pills have stopped working for me

I haven’t slept in so many days

Did I ever do anything but dream anyway?