I’m tired of death

Like 16:30 in a crack house

Yellow, fading light of dusk coming

Cigarette burnt lace curtains
I’m tired of life

Lungs filled with ash and dust

Reflected life in broken windows

Diseased, unable to move 
I’m tired of staring at the ceiling

Waiting for the same damaged dawn

Pieces of dreams litter the floor

Staining the carpets with memory
I’m drowning, I don’t care

I’m at the inevitable collapse

Diluted, a dirty blocked drain

I woke here in the dirt

here in the dirt I remain


My translucent victimized skin

Dead or high forever seven

Breathing out the depths of hell

I’m but awake and forgetting heaven

Indignant I stagnate in the dream

I speak the words and yet they are obscene

Standing in the dark, forgetting me

Run from the light if only I could see

Lead me through, step by inch

Pain and longing I can’t subdue

Drink it in, feel the poison

I drink myself and share with you 

E 20:29

I’ve seen the empty halls

And lived in a damp cold cell

I’ve waited alone for the bar to close

And wandered through a bitter hell
I’ve seen the dreams turn to ash

And waited for the sun to set

Only to rise again in an orange glow

To remind me of what I couldn’t forget
And all that is coming to pass

And your face is all I see

And if I should come to you

Will you promise to stay with me?

The fool I am

In blood and tears I write your nameOn the broken parts of my heart

You can take this life, I don’t need it 

I put it together but it fell apart
In my fragility I had hope

In my fears I felt the dream

You are the most beautiful 

And painful thing I’ve ever seen


I’ll light that single candle

And I’ll remember I’m alone

I’ll sit in the flickering light

I have no answers, I don’t know
Just what difference does it make?

How much does it matter that I care?

I don’t need empty promises

I can already taste my despair
I am almost half blind

But I’ve made up my mind 

How many faces could I stare at

But you’re all I wanted to find 


I can feel their eyes are watching

I can hear myself getting lost

I can feel the emptiness creeping up 

I can pretend to afford the cost

I can see the end of the road

The paths I never wanted to tread 

I can look away for what it’s worth

But I’d just lost myself again

Leaving notes maybe you could find

Scribbled in a rushed lonely blur

Perhaps there you could see behind

I’m here, but really I’m not sure