I’m tired of death

Like 16:30 in a crack house

Yellow, fading light of dusk coming

Cigarette burnt lace curtains
I’m tired of life

Lungs filled with ash and dust

Reflected life in broken windows

Diseased, unable to move 
I’m tired of staring at the ceiling

Waiting for the same damaged dawn

Pieces of dreams litter the floor

Staining the carpets with memory
I’m drowning, I don’t care

I’m at the inevitable collapse

Diluted, a dirty blocked drain

I woke here in the dirt

here in the dirt I remain

Eyes without a face

It’s the palpable sense of loss
The doom of a mad love
Clinging to hope in the dark
It’s the sublime misery
The longing before the fact
That causes the broken heart

Frozen in her fingers
Breathing bated breaths
Drowing in the mire
The discontent I feel
A million little deaths
In my own eternal fire

Black wings like clouds
Legs crawling up beside
The wickedness of your smile
The cruelty, the lascivious eyes
Hiding daggers just behind
Waiting, if only for a while

The hollow where once a soul was
A faceless grimace I bear
In waking, in sleeping
I feel the hands around me
The muffled whispers in the dark
The fury within that I am keeping

The answers lay out of reach
The questions coming faster still
Overflowing, moving in waves
Freedom, there is no such thing
To each, a different vice
In the end, we are but slaves