Our Gift

The stolen hours

The misgivings of the flesh

Our damaged souls 

Decaying with each lonely breath
We see the mountains

A path we could never find

Yet we walk and wonder

Lost and so very blind 
The future will never be

Carrying the darkness of the past

Deceived we wait in the shadows

Nursing the lies in our hearts

Save me

Here in the blur of your memory

Like a dead soul lost in space

The tears of my agony

Are frozen to the side of my face

I try and read their minds as they pass me by

And hope that some day they will see

If I could fix myself, you know I would for you

But it’s too late for me

I am all used up

Set to self destruct

Broken down and dirty

Oh God won’t you save me

I ran from my sleep

Smashed the dream from the inside

Afraid of falling apart

Afraid of what I might find

They keep picking

They keep telling me to stay

But this is the day

The world went away