The sea

I’d run faster

If my legs could carry me

I’d open my eyes

But I still won’t see
I must separate the anchor

Let myself drift at sea

Ignore the clouds and fears

And let the oceans swallow me
I will wait in the storm

Drowning in my apathy

I will die on some distant shore

Till you rescue me

The pale

The mountains rise

In a pale whisper of blue

Like frozen teeth in the dawn 
A distant depression

Eyeless words linger in shadow

And so despair will be born
Our anguish laid bare

Filled with fear and hate

Dragging the pieces out into the sun
Ravenous and worn

Simply waiting for the dawn

We declare, our time has come

No point whatsover

“If romance makes you sick, then what’s all this?” She asked.

“See that’s where you’re mistaken, this isn’t romance, but its death.” He replied. He then added, almost whispering; “so many years wasted on love, only end in bitter cynicism.”