All these dead wishes
Scattered like flowers at a wake
The life I once lived
Now only serves to keep me awake

The parts of me that are still alive
Wonder around this one horse town
Regrets fill my pockets like change
And more memories to bring me down

Time just goes by like a speeding train
And I’m standing at the station again
I got nowhere to go, nothing to lose
I’d step off the platform, but I’d still remain


Almost giving in
To the whims of the seven
One far more than the others
Tearing bone from skin
I feel it moving, breathing
The death of forgotten lovers

I want to tear them apart
Piece by rotten piece
Give voice to the violence
Opening the doors to darkness
Murdering the dreams of tomorrow
This Screaming always ends in silence

The hands on the wall
Moving like shadows
Grasping at the cold air
Pushing, shoving
Sweat and agony
Beautiful, lifeless despair

Dark intent

For me there is no music
The instruments are there
But don’t dare make a sound
For me there is a quite rage
Subdued for now
Just waiting for someone to come around
What love is, the feeling of it
Makes me care whether I live or die
Now I don’t give a shit either way
The absence of all beauty
The abhorrence of daily life
The endless words I choose to say
The repetition of mundane
Meaningless empty routine
Flesh ageing on stupid bones
Some cog in a broken machine
I don’t see colours
I don’t taste any food
I’m asking myself repeatedly
Just what’s the fucking use