I don’t believe much in people
Don’t buy the adverts on TV
I’m staring at the world passing me by
Just praying there’s a miracle for me

I don’t like the trepidation
The creeping feeling of fear
The gnawing at my insides
Wondering if she would just dissappear

If she’s really real, some illusion
Some phantom I conjured in my mind
It’s kinda nice looking forward
Starting to forget what I left behind

Yet I feel like a fool
Don’t even know what I’m trying to say
Uhm, just don’t give up just yet
And just maybe it will be ok

My Twilight

nothing was made to last
no flame will burn forever
I just wanted one last time
to lie there together

this is the twilight
of my broken hopes and dreams
dawn come will come again
as if I’d never been

I may have gained the world
but i seem to have lost my life
I’m still here in the shadows
lost in the endless night

all things are futile now
as they say man needs a purpose
mine seems infantile and hopeless
without love, it’s all meaningless

I open my eyes
stare into the abyss of another day
get dressed, grab my keys
best be on my way…

I’d love each and every line
As if they were painted on a perfect canvas
I’d lay there and watch you dream
And I could spend eternity like this
The shape of your jaw running into your neck
Eyelashes flickering in the dark
I’d love you more when you wake
With each beat of this stupid heart
But it’s nothing more than a notion
A futile little impossibility
For this world, the caress of love
Was never meant for me

Every day

05:00 – wake
05:30 – take bath
05:45 – dress
05:55 – leave
06:30 – arrive at work, coffee
06:55 – go to office
07:20 – coffee
07:40 – return to office
11:00 – lunch
12:00 – return to office
15:30 – drive home
16:10 – take bath
17:00 – spend evening at home
21:00 – bed

Repeat ad nauseum