I would talk to you
Like any other day
But someone had other plans
And you had to go away
They say it all works out
Just the way it should
But I find there’s nothing here
What I’m feeling isn’t any good
It eats at me every day
The thoughts that never leave
I’m dying without any hope
I’m trying so hard to believe
Maybe there are answers
When I’ve nothing left to lose
I’d change everything
If I had the right to choose


The more I think
The less I feel
There are no more tears
Or hurts to conceal

The absence of love
Hasn’t made me strong
It’s made me lament
All that is gone

All that you have seen
Is just something that could have been
It’s a beautiful world
But it’s ugly to me

Fuck you

It’s not difficult
To be disgusted by society
Everyone looking for an instant fix
So many women
That will fuck for fun
Yet I want more than this

Sure men are the same
Looking for the next place
To stick it in
But I don’t want a moment
Of animal passion
I want more than simple skin

I watch them use the words
The love you’s
That they do not understand
Well here’s on thing
Fuck you society
And fuck me for being who I am


I cannot undo the past
Nor make sense of it
A  vast blur of memories
I cannot find answers
Nor any meaning
I only hope that you will find me

I have walked for days
This direction then that
Hoping to find you
I have wondered empty halls
Now I can do no more
But pray that it was true

The corner

He stands on the corner
Just staring at the street
People rushing by
He used to know how to smile
Now he knows how to die

His clothes are drenched
But its better in the rain
no one can see him cry
He has no purpose, no hope
Just the long endless goodbye

Why bother going home
Just stand here a while more
It’s another day between you and I
Love kept him, then abandoned him
He will never understand the reason why


You can have all I don’t
A house and picket fence veneer
The beautiful photo’s
But you’re a whore my dear

I don’t need the pretences
Your shallow attempts at popularity
See I can’t take anything with when I die
But I can die saying I had integrity

I don’t need your titles
That’s not who I am
I’m not defined by fancy dinners
Or pissing contests, I’m just a man

I don’t need to speak of saving
A world that doesn’t want to be saved
I don’t need to stand up and preach
Pretending to be brave

I’ll cry if I need to
Express every rotten emotion
I’ll love endlessly if I want to
Without marketing or promotion

Without Facebook likes
Or fancy public opinion
You can have the world
Its no real consolation

The promised land

Remember the promised land
We always thought we would find
Remember all the promises we broke
And all the dreams we left behind

Perhaps there will come a time
When all the sadness is washed away
But all love ever did was break my heart
So that day is not today

I write, because there is no one I can tell
I say all these things so someone might see
I want to be part of something more
Thank the broken parts of me