I would talk to you
Like any other day
But someone had other plans
And you had to go away
They say it all works out
Just the way it should
But I find there’s nothing here
What I’m feeling isn’t any good
It eats at me every day
The thoughts that never leave
I’m dying without any hope
I’m trying so hard to believe
Maybe there are answers
When I’ve nothing left to lose
I’d change everything
If I had the right to choose

Everything and nothing

Sitting at the kitchen table
Just walked in, light a cigarette
Don’t feel like cooking for one
Although it’s two with my regret

It’s how we figure it should be
But nothing is ever that easy
It’s an exhibition of a man’s pain
The lonely emptiness of everything

Fuck you

It’s not difficult
To be disgusted by society
Everyone looking for an instant fix
So many women
That will fuck for fun
Yet I want more than this

Sure men are the same
Looking for the next place
To stick it in
But I don’t want a moment
Of animal passion
I want more than simple skin

I watch them use the words
The love you’s
That they do not understand
Well here’s on thing
Fuck you society
And fuck me for being who I am

The corner

He stands on the corner
Just staring at the street
People rushing by
He used to know how to smile
Now he knows how to die

His clothes are drenched
But its better in the rain
no one can see him cry
He has no purpose, no hope
Just the long endless goodbye

Why bother going home
Just stand here a while more
It’s another day between you and I
Love kept him, then abandoned him
He will never understand the reason why