Let me die

I want to die
Like my old dreams
Of dancing in Paris
Drinking coffee in Istanbul
I never wanted this
Yes, I am a fool

I wanted to wake up in love
The kind that never dies
Now I wake on the day of my funeral
With small sandwiches and tea
Placed on tables for people that hate me

I wanted more, more than the meaningless
Endeavours of a wasted life
More than the realisation
That everything is pointless
I wanted a purpose, a reason
No I never wanted this

She killed me
They killed me
They threw me out in the dark
In the cold like like a wounded dog
Standing out like a cracked tooth
There’s no medication for this dying heart

I close my eyes
See office blocks like a 70’s photo
See bathrooms with cracked tiles
I see places I never been
I see grimacing lies
Behind all the pretty smiles

I look at the cars and houses
The empires we’ve built of shit
I look at the empty promises
No I never wanted this

I talk and talk in nonsensical circles
No patterns like a maze
I’m lost in the twilight of my life
I hear the words, see the truth
And only the pain remains

Let me die
It’s really only flesh that’s left
My soul is on fire
My heart is death


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