I am broken by your passing feet

Laying in the street like a stone

Unable to move, mute and dumb

From all the doings of my own


I am waiting, silently like a tomb

In the cold dawn of another day

For such is longing, such is love

in a colourless world, a shade of grey


I repeat the motions of a man

A hollow reed in the winter wind

I  seem to be, yet I live not

For my eyes are gravely dimmed


I’d reach out, perhaps a letter I’d write

But what then should I say?

I apologise, please forgive me

For I am damaged in a wretched way


My thoughts keep lingering

Going back to you

It must be you, surely it’s you

But what am I to do?

I keep thinking it will work out

Yet it isn’t working now

I feel such a despair

For I know not when, or how


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