You think you know me
The same old face you see every day
You think you can sum me up
In some casual old way

You don’t know that each time
I held a rose I got the thorns
You think I hold on to this life
Because I seem to have it all

You think there’s a forgetfulness
Because I try cracking a smile
You have no idea of what’s been taken
With that very last fucking goodbye

You don’t know of of the nights laying awake
Screaming at God, because I’m about to break
The days not knowing of what is coming next
When I don’t know how much more I can take

When everyone says it’s going to be ok
Just what is it you want to hear
That I’m a broken thing that’s torn apart
Simply because she’s not here?

See i dont care what anyone thinks
So what if I’m not over it
Why bother when the future seems like a past
Really why should I even give a shit

I wake up, brush me teeth
Sit in traffic, too fucking tired to eat
That a life is being lived somewhere else
And all I have is this dreary defeat

So try stop me, tell me it’s worth living
Rewritten pages of a book no one cares to read
Tell me what’s the sense in anything now
When I fail even if I do succeed


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