The dreams just sit there
Like leftover cold coffee at the bottom
Of a mug that’s already brown with age
Yeah I seen this episode before
Wishing in fact it was something new
But your memory is as familiar as this cage

The world just keeps turning
But stays still like a dying old man
Covered with bedsores in soiled sheets
We been laying in the gutter too long
Day in and day out, going nowhere
Just watching the people passing in the street

Let’s just say there was hope
Something in fact to make it right
Maybe my head would start making sense
Maybe the words, promises, thoughts
Would stop fucking around in there
Or maybe it’s time to rest, says the defence

I’m saying everything, saying nothing
Rambling like a drunk on a Sunday
Morning after sleeping in a ditch
Too proud to ask for change
Too dumb to steal what I can
Yeah say it ain’t so, but life’s a bitch


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