It’s peeling layers from my soul
Taking that which made me whole
The derision that lies within
Exosing the lies buried in my skin

The costs that I never wished to pay
The paths that lead me to this decay
I need to believe, i need to hold on
Even if everything seems to be gone

I wanted the salt in those tears
Give back the wasted lost years
Take everything, the flesh from my bones
All i ever wanted, was a heart to call home


3 thoughts on “Layers

  1. The past is a wilderness of horrors
    As such, this is my dissertation to insanity
    Perhaps still, for such a time as you see fit
    You would choose to think of me

    And the daily comments make mine
    Far more pleasant than I dare to say
    Perhaps there is a happy ending somewhere
    Somehow, maybe, someday

    Ps that made my day

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