Dying is no fate to fear
Nor life in itself
But rather a state of half death
Niether here nor there
No laughter, smiles or hope
Agony wih every labored breath

Could I not see? Not open my eyes?
Am I forged in flame and remorse
Did I abandon my birthright?
Oh God, what have I done?
I can see and hear the words
And still I do not see the light

My heart is blackened
That which should remain of it
Lays in ashes and dust
I see the skin aging on my bones
The years turning in my eyes
My lungs are filling with rust

All my dreams are as wind
Like my life on this Barren earth
A candle to be snuffed out in the dark
I look for You, in every place
I am of no use, and of no good
I won’t deny the sickness in my heart

I confess every sin
Even of those I am not aware
Jesus save me
From this endless despair


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