Have you

Have you seen the faces
Those miserable things out there?
Roaming the streets, smiling
pretentious like when I say I don’t care

Have you seen the doorways and windows
Grinning like some cancerous face
Have you heard the whispers
When they can’t say it to your face

Have you felt the presence
The intention of flesh and skin
The beautiful decay of it all
The endless temptation of sin

Have you dreamed the empty dreams
Slept when the world was awake
Have you screamed until your lungs collapsed
Just to see how much you can take

Have you felt the sickness within you
The same that would inflict me
Have to lost yourself in the happiness
Of this doomed little society

Have you watched the highlight reels
Of what they really want you to see
Have you believed in the lies they tell you
On the radio, Internet and TV


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