Have you

Have you seen the faces
Those miserable things out there?
Roaming the streets, smiling
pretentious like when I say I don’t care

Have you seen the doorways and windows
Grinning like some cancerous face
Have you heard the whispers
When they can’t say it to your face

Have you felt the presence
The intention of flesh and skin
The beautiful decay of it all
The endless temptation of sin

Have you dreamed the empty dreams
Slept when the world was awake
Have you screamed until your lungs collapsed
Just to see how much you can take

Have you felt the sickness within you
The same that would inflict me
Have to lost yourself in the happiness
Of this doomed little society

Have you watched the highlight reels
Of what they really want you to see
Have you believed in the lies they tell you
On the radio, Internet and TV

Nothing 21:51

What have I become?
Blackened by my own discontent
In the wintery mire of my soul
The blood, tears, sweat
Broken dreams like broken bones
Watching the needles tear a hole

You could take it all
The life, the very breath in me
My beautiful, wretched disease
The lack of hope, the lack of faith
The lack of anything of importance
You can have the nothing that is me


I have a confession
Perhaps a few i need to make
In the darkened hours i think
Instead of sleep i find myself awake

I would want to say so many things
And I’m sure they would all be misconstrued
I’m finding myself so very lost
And I’m afraid, even more confused


I realise the futility of everything
The empty promise it all
When the sun burns out
Who will remember what came before

When the oceans are dry
And the rivers are bleached like bone
When the last stars have died in the sky
And our bodies are returned to the stone

When the buildings are ashes
All that mattered has no meaning anymore
When we’re all dead and gone
Who will be left to keep the score

When are banks are empty
The streets are left to decay
When all your dreams came to nothing
What then shall you say


In these distant days
Staring up towards the sun
Yet the darkness surrounds me
The anguish of all I’ve done

My eyes betray my soul
The things unsaid in the gloom
The memories duller yet remain
The coming of my doom

I would lay there and pray
That those moments would last forever
But your dreams were somewhere else
And we would never stay together

It was a day that feels like yesterday
The beauty I felt filling me
Then we turned to walk away
And now all I feel is agony

I tear my heart out repeatedly
And pray no more shall come to pass
I’m screaming at the universe
So I can go home at last


Ever been so terribly sad
For what seems like an eternity
Nothing seems fixable
You forget what it means to be happy

You cant even imagine what would work
Any drugs, psychologists or alcohol
All your prayers seem unanswered
And you just feel the rot in your soul

All the colours are gone
All your food tastes like sand
You been lost so long
You dont even remember youre a man

You spend your days
In an office, a cold, pale vacuum
You smoke more cigarettes, drink more coffee
Then just sleep when you get home

You just know that once
You had so many dreams
And now theres nothing at all
You know what love is
Or did you really
Maybe it just doesnt matter anymore