There’s a wilderness
Barren in my heart
I’m so hungry for this
Without you I’ll starve

It’s a cold desperation
Starless nights in the open
The falling into a valley
The end to which I’m hoping

Like a wild wolf in the night
Howling at the moon
I’d hum to pass the time
But I forgot the tune

Was it the end of all things
The burning fires for miles
Love is like shaking hands with the devil
I sleep, and another demon smiles


Burn out my eyes
Bound in the hell that me made
Shatter like glass
All the hope we betrayed

Tear off my skin
crawling beneath my sin
All these scars and nightmares
Waiting for the end to begin

The black hand of life
Drowning in the mire
Fatalities of choice
Held together by fire


Just because I write
Doesn’t make me a poet
Just because I care
Doesn’t mean I have to show it
Just because I fuck you
Doesn’t mean that I love you
Just because you say you do
Doesn’t mean that it’s true
Juat because you try
Doesn’t mean you’ll never lose
And you’ll be a fool my friend
If you think you get to choose


The last pieces are there
But could never be put back together
All I have is this now
When I wanted some other forever

I know they are just words
Repeated arguments in my head
I see all things as they were
And hear all the things that were said

I don’t know how I got here
But I am here, nonetheless
All the pain and agony I feel
Is the truth to which I attest

I know no other
But for a few brief moments of respite
This is existence, hopeless and cold
This is everything, including my life


The greatest irony of my life
Is that I should be this successful
When I should not have been
The greatest tragedy of course
Is being forgotten
When I loved her so dearly
What we don’t care for
Seems easy to attain
Yet what we strive to have
Is nearly impossible to gain
It’s not being ungrateful
No, it’s great being lonely in style
Yet it would be marvelous
To see your face, and actually smile


Take me through the fire
Lead me through the flames
You led me here and I followed
Its my own worthless persistence
More worthless than my existence
All the insults that I swallowed

Standing at the gates of the sea
Each day a new death to myself
A life You gave, show me how to live
Bound and shackled in my own right
Eyes sewn shut to hide the sight
Let me forget, help me forgive

Standing at the edge of the world
Cast aside like a broken toy
Forgotten in the dust of yesterday
I cannot hide from my sins
Revealed in the light of this new day
Forgive me God, I’m weak, I pray