What else can I say

Perhaps we never see the finality of forever
The real meaning of eternity
Our lives so fragile like glass
Perhaps we don’t understand the ramifications
The deep, unchanging gravity
When we choose to let love pass
When that final goodbye comes
When there will never be another hello
Destroying all the castles we built in the sky
When we choose to walk away and go
All the dreams and hopes and futures
Just turn to dust in the blink of an eye
How strange it is that we say we care
And turn our backs and walk away
All the memories we shared
Don’t mean a Damn either way
So I still look up at the stars most nights
In my own stupid pathetic way
I’m still repeating things in my head
Saying everything I never got to say
So I wake up these days
And go through all the routine
I still seem to count the days since you went away
I still wonder just how you been
It’s silly I know
But maybe we can only really love once
I made a poor choice I guess
And I’m sitting in the corner like a dunce
I try think if the universe is connected
Since nothing makes sense to me
Does this dot connect to that one
Am I just too stupid to see
Well for what it’s worth
Hope you truly are happy
That you found all you wanted
Even if it wasn’t me
I always was too sentimental
The fool with the ice princess
Didn’t matter if you weren’t perfect
I couldn’t love you any less
And these words are just what I wanted to say
And I guess it’s true, I’ll be okay
The memories all fade with time
And I’ll find home some day


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