21-09-14 12:44

I’m tired of the longing
On this cold and distant shore
I’m tired of staring at the endlessness
And each day missing you more
I feel so lost and wounded
The scars I have are the only trace
I keep replaying all there was
I tried but can’t forget your face
I thought you were beside me
I turned to see and you were gone
I reached out and nothing was there
I been broken now for so very long
I’m a fool for hoping
A leper made of empty dreams
A universe made of dead stars
The silence filled with muted screams
I don’t know what I’m saying
But I can’t keep scratching through the drawers
Looking for some memory to ease my mind
You’re just not around anymore
I’m so full of anger now
A brutal white rage
I’m done reading this book
But I just can’t turn the page


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