Society what have you done
Chasing all the money and fame
Houses full of rooms where we live alone
Packed to the roof with things
And still we want more
To make these tombs feel like a home

We want more than we ever need
Bigger places where we can have more space
Cars and bank accounts that overflow
Running the wheels like rats in a cage
Faster we run, always keeping score
Till our debts are so big we have nowhere to go

We’re all crazy seems to me
And here I am, wealthy and fucking lonely
So did I make it, am I all I was expected to be?
Keeping the appearances so that I can fit into society
I have no one to blame, this ones on me
And I cannot buy the one thing I need

They say wisdom comes at a price
But you can only pay the cost in blood
And the truth always comes too late
I got no return on my investment of youth
Other than a debt I’ll always have to pay
And so it is, my choices, and not fate


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