Where do I take this pain
The remembrance I no longer want
Memorials to those gone
Like spectres they keep me up
howling like hollow reeds
In these hours where I should find rest

Where do I bury the faces
I no longer wish to see
Hours, days, weeks lost
Staring at my footprints in the sand
What life is this that I should lead
In this colourless, lifeless world

How do I measure my days
When they bleed into each other like wet paint
A canvas that will never be completed
The artist packed her bags and left
The brushes still lie on the floor
Matted like the hair of a corpse

And so death shall come
In each breath I know it’s touch
Unfeeling, reaching in towards my bones
Gripping the sinews with bony fingers
Holding me, till I surrender at last
To sleep, the undreamt eternity


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