Those of us

We are the lost,
The sullen, angry and confused
The ones too weary to concede
And too angry to lose
We are the broken
Built of flesh and decay
The things that are never wanted
We try to leave, and yet we always stay
We are the lonely
Dejected, defeated and betrayed
Trying so hard to find our way home
From the paths on which we strayed
We are the stitches
The bonds that cover the wounds
We are the ones who remember
The things that we wanted to lose
We are the dreamers
The forgotten names of friends
We are the slipping wheels of time
That meet a bitter end
We are too stupid to learn
Always to dumb to steal
We are the buried secrets
Thar society would conceal
We are the whispers
Trembling lips hesitate to speak
We are the strong, the honest
In a world that has grown too weak


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