Been thrown away like shit
Beaten, sequestered and bruised
Thought I was human but guess I was wrong
But even if I’m innocent I’ll be accused
If the days are too good
You know they’ll come to an end
I’ll take all the blame
Because I just can’t pretend
No hope, no trust
No forgiveness or devotion
Drowning in the emptiness
Of a burning ocean
Been hurt but I’ll heal
The bones will mend
Looking at the footprints in the sand
I’ll forget and I’ll be strong
Even if the whole world is gone
And I’m a solitary man
Been blindsided and fooled
Feeling tired and forlorn
Been treated like an animal
Since the day I was born
And still there’s life
There will be a tomorrow
An end of trying to figure it out
An end to all this sorrow


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