Another honesty

I wouldn’t dare call myself a poet
I just have nothing better to do
So I write down a few words that rhyme
But I still don’t have a clue

I wish I could figure it all out
Somehow come to terms with the universe
But that isn’t a possible solution
So I just write another verse

There’s love and sex and politics
And faith and hope and peace
The great void of death
And some kind of release

There’s a million opinions
For each one of my own
They say love is after a long journey
You finally get to go home

There’s popular thought
And people like Oprah and Dr Phil
We can diagnose what ails you
And prescribe some FDA approved pill

Pro lifers, creationists and crime
Evolution, holy wars and disease
Some are wealthy beyond measure
Yet they still bound on their knees

Slaves to money or slaves to pride
Worshipping whatever god they decide
Or none, whatever they choose
Someone always wins, but someone has to lose

We promise eternal love
Yet we have no idea what that means
Let’s fill another divorce court
Really, is this life, please…


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