Shallow skin

Shallow skin
I can paint with my pain
I drain my life
And fill it with disdain

Till the ends of the earth
I’m bleeding in my suicide
Taste this face, leave me
Fuck you, goodbye

Scabbed and inside out
And overdose of anguish
Hearts in flames and broken
Again I repent, again I transgress

Who are you to me
Who the fuck am I
It’s just a rotten corpse
Look me in the eyes

Broken bones and my demise
serpentine tong you lied
Crushed under the weight of it all
It’s a truth I won’t deny

I’m wrapped in the glass
Of a million broken windows
Covered in flame and gasoline
Burning to hide from the shadows

It’s a catharsis,  a schizophrenic hell
Just throw me into a padded cell
Forget me, ill forget this life
If I ever lived, I couldn’t tell


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