Such is the way of things
The dusty afternoons of winter
A strange yellow haze from the sun
A chill that blows at dusk
Staring at the water
Wondering just where it all begun

The silence of God
The prayers that seem to evaporate
Into the darkness that is coming
I question so many things
And yet I just want direction
Since I don’t know where I’m going

Have I been forsaken?
Are my sins are too grievous to forgive
Is there no penance to be paid?
Am I a self righteous fool
Ignorant to the truth
Damned before I was made?

Looking for answers in the ashes of eternity
The unlovable sinner, a living travesty
Forgotten by the world and time
Was there something I overlooked
Is there another way I misunderstood
Have I crossed some kind of line?

I want to go home
To something I can recognize
Some familiar space where it’s safe
Salvation, understanding I have none
Promises that don’t seem to come
I need to get out of this place

Sometimes the music stops
And the pause is uneasy
Since it’s not clear what will be
The silence is deafening
The minute is unnerving
Can someone answer me?


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