An ode to the internet

There is a fundamental problem

With what we call the internet

For every argument, there is a counter point

When you’re unsure, just go and google it

If we are sick of a relationship

You can keep the side you like

Ignore the pages that prove you wrong

After all, who cares if it’s actually right?

Don’t do this, do this

Follow these few simple steps

Get the girl back that you lost

And how to look your best

Cut your hair, metro is in

Here, buy apple cream it’s good for your skin

Dr love says this, cosmo says that

How the h*ll are we ever going to win

This one’s right, no this one suits me better

I can even go and define a whole new religion

I can look up another if I get tired of that

And I can change my morals just like I can change my fashion

Facebook for narcissists

Twitter for those who can’t spell

We can go to some evangelists’ homepage

And pay to not go to hell

There’s this psychologist that believes Freud was right

Then another that would go with Jung

Lets diagnose our shortcomings for fun

And then wikihow instructions for a bong

Lets force our opinions

And call the other gamers a noob

When we done, we can bing some p*rn

And spend the evening staring at b**bs

We can share our selfies on instagram

Sell our false skills on linkedin

Self diagnose on webMD

And find a cure for our problem skin

I’m sorry, perhaps I’m a cynic

I find such little comfort in this life

I may just go and google it

Should I use a pistol, or the sharp end of a knife?


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