What do I talk of when I talk
What do I think when I fumble like a fool
What are the eternal truths I deny
In the forgetfulness of a lost youth

What are the ideals I long for
The comfort of a lovers flesh
I hope for salvation and life
Though with my heart I transgress

Is it my indignation I bear
That so turns the world away
The grim facade of a damaged soul
That should my fate betray

Oh the words are but corpses
Whitewashed for all to see
The photos all have families contained
But not a picture of me

These walls are closing in
Day by day closer still
Till the breath escapes these tired lungs
And dreaming has lost its thrill

If you could stop a moment
Find the time to rescue me
From a lifetime of loneliness
Then you would set me free

I have no use for money
Too much is worse than none
I have no use for tired old things
And I have no place to run

I may not be able to stop the hands of time
But I could destroy the hourglass that holds
Time to play this final hand of cards
And I believe that I will fold


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