Some say they marry for love
Other women marry for money
Some want a man with a fancy degree
Sorry, I’m not that guy honey

Some women want a sculpted man
Others want a lawyer or a doctor
Some want a lap dog to stay at home
If it’s any of those rather don’t bother

So where is the real world?
The one where love conquers all
Not a dismal soap opera
Where everything else matters more

I don’t want half measures
You’re either out or you’re in
I’m not spending anymore days
Trying get someone out of my skin

What happened to honour
Or till death do us part
We just leave when it’s inconvenient
And break someone’s heart

Is it just comfortable
A means to an end
You want a pretty wedding and bills to be paid
So we just lie and pretend?

Is it pretences or social standing
So you can brag to your friends
I want something more
Someone who’ll be there in the end

Do we just stick around
Until someone better comes along
I ain’t no Saint
But this shit is wrong

What happened to life
Just doing the small things together
I don’t want a year or a day
I’m looking for forever

Maybe my timing is off
Perhaps I live in the wrong time
I don’t want someone who is everyone’s
Just someone that’s mine


2 thoughts on “Women

  1. wow, wow, wow!!!!! You are one talented writer. i fell in love with this piece. I couldn’t agree with you more. The issue with the way human love and relationships is that the love is not unconditional. There are too many expectations, conditions and restraints. Relationships don’t consist of love, respect and loyalty. They consist in “i trade you what i got if you trade me what you got…” and “what can i get out of this” and if there’s nothing left to give then they just walk away like the entire relationship meant nothing. That’s because people seem to be disposable. Too much self interest, social media and ego. That’s the issue. Thank you for sharing this. You are a beautiful writer. ❤

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