This is who I am

Daggers and scars and wounds

A face that I’d rather hide in the dark

I walked in the light once before

Smiled and looked at the sky

Until the world ripped out my heart

I am the lost

The one that longs for hope

The hungry, wretched and afraid

I have nowhere left to go

I am divided by a figure I can’t describe

I am the addict you cannot dissuade

I am anger, bitterness and bile

The turned over scapegoat of a rotten world

Blistered from too many burns

I am the one that nobody wanted

I am the wicked that has come to its end

The simple fool that never learns

I am bound by ropes I cannot see

The lies, words, complicated travesty

Screaming, pleading, begging for mercy

Eyes held open so that I can’t look away

Frozen in the winter of my discontent

A lifelong, eternal tragedy

There are no reasons, no simple conclusion

The words and promises just lead to confusion

Another body that lies here ready to betray

Same paths, same roads, nothing left to say

I spend all day talking as if someone was there

It’s all different, and I’m still the same

Hear me, the anguish of one thrown away

Lie to me, tell me that I’m going to be ok

Be accountable for your sin

I’m knocking, I’m sitting at your door

I’m so close to walking away

Go on, let me in

Conditioned to believe that I’m broken

The ugly truth of redemption that is not for me

Listen to the lack of regret

The defiled agreement that we made

Is there any truth on which I can count

A perfect something I don’t need to forget


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