I keep repeating the same routine
Patterns, held in space, in a time
Eight thirty, sit in the bath
Be up for work,  each morning at five

It’s a new day of my life
Yet no different to that before
Wake, work, sleep, pray
Till I don’t want to anymore

The same thoughts
Mundane repetition of obscure ideas
Waiting for something to happen
Wondering if there is some purpose here

payday on the 20th
Debit orders on the first
I don’t bother drinking anymore
Because it cannot quench this thirst

Feels like I keep hearing
The same old song
The record of my life is broken
And all I thought I had is gone

So what if I complain
Who cares that every day is exactly the same
If I live a full life
Another 60 years still remain

Of the same coffee
The same view from my room
The same drive home from the office
The same sense of doom


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