I’ve made so many mistakes
And God knows this road is long
I’m going to be paying for them
For years after I’m gone
Look at my face
And see all the stories it will tell
I’m stuck in a past that never ends
What was my heaven has become my hell
All my deeds are dirty rags
All my desires are lost in the storm
The world is burning around me
Why was I ever born?
Tell everyone I’m sorry
Even the ones that never cared
I’m leaving for Alaska
Even though I’m not prepared
I think this is it
I got to say goodbye
I just can’t take the ashtrays and couches
And a life I cannot recognise
The cars and traffic and concrete walls
the sun that shines but never touches my skin
I’m sorry but the keys will be left in the door
Charlie Brown won’t be living here anymore
If I thought you remembered me
And the days I sat staring at your beautiful face
I can’t sit here any longer
I don’t even know if I’ll find peace some other place
But I got to go
And maybe I’ll find God in the wilderness
I can’t seem to hear Him here
And I can’t live like this


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