Imagine a life where you were outside

Standing in the sun, laughing, alive with every breath

And suddenly it was taken from you

Imagine that no one told you why

They left you in the dark at the bottom of a well

And there was nothing you could do?

They covered the entrance with a stone

But you can still hear the voices outside

But no one could hear you scream

Each time you move the daggers in your back burn

You’re bleeding, but not enough to die

Lying in your own faeces, you can’t remember ever being clean

It’s dark all the time

And the thirst seems tears at your throat

The rats you eat don’t taste like much

But better since they’d eat you first

All you die is lie there and remember

How it felt to be touched

Imagine that you never saw the light

And you could hear everyone alive above you

And you couldn’t even feel a cool breeze on your face

They put you down here

And left you to die, but you don’t

Would you not hate the human race?

No one even knows you’re down there

They are alive, why should they care?

Oblivious to your ribs showing through your skin

You can’t climb out, no one would know you if you did

Maybe someday, I’ll get out of here

Or maybe never, because of my sins

You cannot say if it’s day or night

Winter, summer or spring

The days all flow into the same great nothing

All you have are memories

That open the wounds all over again

Because in hell, the dead remember everything


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